Underwing Refueling Nozzle – 64349

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  • Easy swiveling under all conditions. Swivel independent of quick disconnect (QD) coupling.
  • Connects to 3-lug international standard aircraft adapter (MS24484 or MS29514)
  •  Lead-in ramps of stainless steel, not aluminum bronze,
    for longer life
  • Self-adjusting pressure loaded nose seal. No mechanical adjustments or springs used. Leak free under extreme side loads,
    worn adapters and extreme temperatures.
  • Nose seal can be changed with minimal disassembly. Arctic nose seal available.
  • Positive mechanical interlock prevents fuel flow until nozzle is secured to aircraft adapter. Nozzle cannot be disconnected from aircraft
    until closed.
  • Flow control handle fully protected from damage. Two styles available.
  • Flow control handles of high strength zinc-aluminum alloy
  • Bicycle-type handles for ease of operation. Circular grip also available.
  • Lightweight and rugged
  • Modular construction.
  • Optional inlet configurations include dry break disconnect and strainer ball valve.
  • Hose end regulator and strainers optional
  • Two bonding cables, vacuum breaker optional.
  • Low pressure drop, under 12 psi (0.827 bar) at 600 USgpm (2,271 l/min)