Pressure Fueling Nozzle – 64200

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  • Connects to 3-lug international standard aircraft adapter
  • Self-adjusting pressure-loaded nose seal. No mechanical adjustments or springs used.
  • Sampling fitting installation is standard
  • Leak-free under extreme side loads, worn adapters and extreme temperatures
  • Low-pressure drop
  • Two threaded ports in nozzle body for simultaneous vacuum breaker and product sampling
  • 2, 2½ and 3-inch NPT and BSPP threaded quick disconnect (QD) inlets available
  • Optional 40, 60 & 100-mesh screens retained with snap ring for ease of removal
  • 35 psi (2.413 bar), 45 psi (3.103 bar) and 55 psi (3.792) Hose End Control Valves (HECV) available. See catalog sheet TF100-76 for detailed information.
  • Double redundant safety lock on/easy off QD
  • Easier swiveling under all conditions. Swivel independent of QD.
  • Choice of ball valve or dry break disconnect for easy strainer inspection available