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Pressure Fueling Nozzle – 64201

Eaton’s Carter product line is the leading supplier of nozzles qualified in accordance with SAE AS5877 (MIL-N-5877). Carter Model 64201H is listed as being qualified on the QPL. The specification defines four nozzles, D-1, D-1R, D-2 and D-2R. The D-1 and D-1R nozzles have an inlet body that includes a 45° elbow. The D-1R is a D-1 with the addition of a hose end regulator. The D-2 and D-2R (includes a regulator) have straight inlets.

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  • All accessories have stainless steel wear ring in swivel ball joint
  • Interlock mechanism internal to nozzle body — no pins to wear aircraft adapter slots
  • No collar or other moving parts on exterior of nozzle with the exception of the operating lever
  • Fewer parts in nozzle will result in lower maintenance costs
  • Replaceable knob on operating handle to eliminate razor-sharp wear patterns prevalent on competitors’ nozzles
  • Very rugged standard composite material installation handles do not include any metal, eliminating potential bending of the handles
  • New options include “U” bracket for nozzle stowage and one-piece stirrup handle with stowage capability — no need to use an aircraft adapter as a stowage device Design Concepts
  • Operating lever opens nozzle in a counter-clockwise direction (Model 64349 was clockwise). This eliminates interference with some aircraft that are not designed to standards.
  • Operating lever replaceable from exterior of nozzle and is made of less expensive more ductile material. Also backed up with boss on nozzle body to prevent bending.


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