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Inline Pressure Control Valve – 64502

These valves utilize a direct operating design concept, with a control module added to the basic valve. The new control module gives the unit finer control and eliminates exterior tubing from the valve. This control module is mounted to the main valve body with one bolt. Should the user decide to change an air-controlled valve to electric operation, this can be accomplished by simply removing one bolt, taking off the air-operated control module and replacing it with a solenoid control module. The control module is available with either 12 or 24 VDC operation. The valves described here have been used very successfully on solar panel powered systems.

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  • No air reference pressure required
  • Standard 150 lb ANSI inlet and outlet flanges
  • Victaulic adapters available
  • Bleeding and pressure control adjustment simple — no expensive servos to adjust
  • Spare parts required for maintenance kept to a minimum due to lack of complicated servos
  • Many spare parts also common to Carter brand couplers