Heli tote tank


  • Compliant with the latest CSA-B836 Canadian Aviation Standard
  • 30-50 GPM (120-200 LPM) flow rates (electric pump/motor c/w optional voltages)

Standard Features

  • Avgas or Jet
  • Filtration systems with differential pressure gauges
  • Product meters for bulk, non-resale and resale applications
  • Hose reels in manual or electric operation with operational level wind feature
  • Conitech Aeropal LT low Temp Aviation Fuel Hose
  • Emergency stop button
  • Fuel quality sample ports
  • Interior/exterior lighting or operating beacon
  • Spill containment base with drain
  • All-weather cover with half front fold-down lockable doors or roll up available
  • Safety and product identification decals
  • System recirculation

Custom Features

  • High flow rate systems – 50 gpm-500 gpm (200Lpm – 2,000 Lpm
  • Deadman system for underwing and pressure control
  • Additive injector (Add your own FSll anti-icing additive after filtration)
  • Power generator built in for remote usage
  • Diesel or gasoline powered pump for remote usage
  • El 5th edition certified filter separator for flow rates over 100gpm
  • Trailer mounted with tank or lift, designed for operations on the move
  • Remote monitor communication package
  • Self-serve card lock system